Welcome to your Virtual Sports Day 2020!

Before you begin here are some reminders:

  • The main aim is just to have FUN!
  • We recommend that you watch the video (Virtual Sports Day Activities) first and make a list of all the equipment needed.
  • Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.
  • Try and get members of your family involved.
  • Try and finish the day with a nice treat – perhaps an ice-cream or even a family picnic.
  • Please ask your mum or dad to email us any photos/videos of you taking part.

Please click here to view our VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY ACTIVITIES.

Please click here for the WARM UP INSTRUCTIONS.

Please click here for our WHEELCHAIR SPORTS DAY.

You can find additional activities to try here as well as a SPOTIFY PLAYLIST to play as you take part in the activities!!

Please click here for even more activities!

Please click here for a guide to Physical Activity Bingo!

Please click here for a guide to Physical Activity Connect 4!