Good Morning Everyone!! I hope you are all well after the weekend. Thank you for all your emails and photos. I will post them up soon.

Below you will find your list of work for this week.  Start with the most important piece – Interview someone you know and write their biography. That is what I would like you to email to me on Friday, along with the picture.  After that just do what you can. If you run out of time and don’t get everything finished, that is ok.

Don’t forget to check the solutions to last week’s Maths Challenge 6 and then have a go at Maths Challenge 7. They are a bit different this week. I will be posting the rest of last week’s corrections later.

Enjoy doing the interview!!

Please click HERE to view letter from Mrs. Culleton.

Please click HERE for you worklist.

Please click HERE for interview Questions.

Please click HERE for Plan a Biography

Please click HERE for Art Ideas for drawing your person.

Please click HERE for help with Irish (available Tuesday)