The author that I would most like to meet is Enid Blyton.
I have read most of the Famous Five books and I really enjoyed them. So much so, I’ve been caught reading late at night and my mum does not be impressed! However, if you are in the middle of an adventure with Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog, how could you be expected to stop without discovering what is going on?

Something that I find amazing and a little bit of a contradiction is that she wrote so many stories involving children yet, people say she was cruel to her own. How can this be so? The children in her books had such fun and exciting adventures! How did she not want to do these same things with her children? I would like to ask her this, but perhaps she wouldn’t be very happy about that!

I think her biggest talent was writing mystery and adventure stories. I quite liked the Secret Seven books though not as much as the Famous Five, and the things the girls in Malory Towers got up to where very mischievous! The best thing is that I can talk to my mum and dad about these books because they also read them when they were young.
While there are many other famous authors that I like and admire, I think that meeting Enid Blyton would be extra special because so many children have enjoyed her books for so long.

By: Hannah (Sixth Class)