The author I would like to meet.

Hmm? What’s that? You want to know what author I would meet? Well, that’s a simple question with a simple answer. J.K Rowling. Hands down (in my opinion) she is the Greatest Author of All Time. She has won 13 awards for her Harry Potter series + extension novels and 11 for herself and other books she has written. That’s 24 more major awards than me!

A lot of people might think that writing isn’t a very successful career, but look at J.K Rowling! She has an estimated net worth of over 650 MILLION dollars, and at the time of writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone she was in considerable poverty!

J.K Rowling has written over 30 books and three of those are in aid of charity! Those books include 8 Harry Potter novels and 3 extension novels. She can speak English , French , German and Portugese , and much of the spells in Harry Potter can be derived from French and Latin.

If I had a blessed day and somehow I met J.K Rowling, I would ask her where she got her motivation and her secret to success. I would also ask her where she gets her strange names from, such as Ginevra or Severus. If anyone were to become a writer, she would most definitely be a motivation and inspiration.

Thank you for listening to my opinion!

By: Niall (6th class)