Sixth Class 15th -19th June

Dear 6th Class,

We are looking forward to mass on Monday and seeing you during the Drive-by. Thank you for all your contributions and help towards this special occasion.


Mass 10a.m


11.30a.m: Assemble at Supermac’s Car park in cars for Drive–by.

Graduation Bags will be organised in order so cars will be sent in order from the car park. Listen out for when your car has to enter the procession. Looking forward to seeing the balloons and signs. I’m sure we will hear you approaching as we await your arrival at the Nuala building.

Enjoy a little celebration in the afternoon/evening with your family.

Tuesday: Return of Book Rental 10-12am

Friday: Sports’ Day. More details to follow on the website this week. Send on some photos.

Confirmation Note: Bishop Mc Guckin sent an email this week to say he hopes that children will make their confirmation before the end of the summer. The Episcopal Conference has commissioned three formation videos to help prepare the children for their Confirmation. These will be available by the end of this month. They hope that parents would view these videos with their children.

He mentions a lovely initiative called the Little Way Sunday School.  It started on Pentecost Sunday and is made available every Friday evening for the following Sunday. It is available under ‘Little Way Sunday School’ on Youtube and on the Diocese of Raphoe Facebook Page. He would love you to take a look.

I hope everyone has a special day Monday.  Click on the link below to see the suggestions for this week.I would love to hear about the Declutter Challenge. I look forward to seeing some recipes and the baking/making photos. I hope you will continue your best to complete some tasks and stay connected until the summer holidays on Thursday 25th June.

Thank you,

Mrs. O’ Donnell

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