Well Done to Tara for entering the Aer Lingus Postcard Writing Competition.


Inside The Mountain by Tara Connolly

Dear Family,
I was on my way to the mountains, when I saw a cave at the foot of the mountain. I decided to go in for a look on my first day there. I found two tunnels. I chose the left tunnel as there was more light. I slid down a steep rock and could not get back to the top, so I had to go on. Lucky I had taken food, as I was hungry on my trek. the tunnel was long and I set up camp there for the night.
In the morning, I got up and continued my journey. I came across a beautiful underground lake. I filled my water bottles here for the rest of the journey. As I continued I came across another split, this time I went right.
What a bad decision…
Not too far into the tunnel I came across a large sleeping bear. I turned and ran to find my way out. On my way I met a man who had become lost. I got talking to him. I shared my food and water with the man and found out that he was there for 5 years. He could not get out because the only way out was to pass the bear. When we had enough to eat, we tiptoed past the bear silently.
We could see the light at the end getting closer.
Then, out jumped an angry little troll. He would not let us past unless we answered his Questions.
Thank heavens we answered them correctly.
We got out.
I think I will spend the rest of my journey resting.
See you soon.
Love, T