Good morning children. It was wonderful to see you all when I visited on Tuesday. Everybody looking happy and healthy and enjoying being outside in the glorious sunshine. Well done to so many of you who engaged with the Mathsletics challenge last week. There was HUGE activity on it every day and in fact we had one boy who scored the highest score last week in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is also the winner of the boys’ section with a whopping score of 37,563!!!!!!!!!! The top girls’ scores were outstanding also!! Here are the results:

Boys: 1st -Jordaan  – 37,563.   2nd -Edward – 14,630     3rd-Marcel- 8,463  4th -Martin- 6,203

Girls: 1st- Amelia   22,960(Excellent!)  2nd-Phoebe: 17,460  3rd: Niamh-4,880   4th-Nicole -4,846

CONGRATULATIONS for this wonderful work and I will be visiting with your certificates and prizes!!

As you can see from work below I am cutting back on work as we are getting nearer the summer holidays. Just email the Geography/Science and Master Your Maths work. Next week is SPORTS DAY so get practising!!

Click here for week’s work