I hope you all enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did. They really help us all to stay in touch. It is nice to see all the happy faces, jumping on trampolines, walking by the beach, baking, building, playing.

Lots of you enjoyed the art activities last week.   You can see some of your work here and the rest will be on another post later in the month. I know some of you miss school – I think it’s because the work is easier to do when you are in the classroom and of course you all miss your friends. But at least now you are getting out for visits and you can cycle and chat. Be sure to keep your social distance and wash your hands regularly. We want everyone to stay well.

You can see from the photos that one boy is developing a lot of very interesting hobbies. He has built his own DJ deck, made his own Noughts and Crosses board with wood and stone and is becoming more skilful with his Nerf guns. Is he measuring trees as well? He will need to explain that one to me.

Eoin is not the only boy growing strawberries (and they are growing really well) – you can see we have a new gardener in 4th Class and he looks very proud of his produce. He was lucky enough to be able to visit the beach too.

It looks like you boys and girls are practising your culinary skills too. Laura told me she bakes quite often these days. Eoin actually designed a Japanese menu and wrote it out in English and Japanese!! I was very impressed. You will see his menu picture another day. Hannah also designed her menu and then she made the dinner as well. That’s dessert in the photo. Looks yummy!! The buns also look delicious, boys.

Why is there a bee and a shrew in the photo gallery? James caught the shrew and Finn saved the bee’s life by giving it some water to drink, or so I have been told!! Maybe that is fake news!!! What is definitely true is you are doing great work, you are all wonderful children and your teacher is very proud of you.