Hello again everyone. Hope you are all well. As you can see you have been sending in lots of photos and letters so we know what you have been up to during lockdown.

Gerard has been very busy indeed and it’s not all work. He has made ginger beer!!! However he says he put in too much sugar so it’s not so good to drink. I don’t think I will ask him to save me a bottle. Last week Nikita was growing radishes and now this week Eoin is growing strawberries and they are flourishing. Gracjan too is helping his Mum look after the beautiful flowers at his house.

The sun continues to shine and it seems everyone is happy and enjoying outdoor activities. Eoin and Conor continue to help on the farm, Lauren walks on the beach every day with her mum while Nikita throws wellies!!!!

But not everyone is outside all the time. As you can see Finn has been very busy indoors, saving this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Looks like a great line-up of stars from the world of pop music.That’s Madonna on the stage with Kygo. Well done Finn!! It’s a fabulous model.

If you have not sent in your letter yet, do so now. We are waiting to hear from YOU!!!!!