May is here and the weather so far has been beautiful. Wildflowers and cherry blossoms are blooming and one familiar, young lady got caught in a velvety, pink shower!

Hannah has been bird watching and taking care of her chicks and dog. I wish I had a bird poster as good as hers to help me name the birds in my garden. She and her sister also gathered yellow blossoms and created an altar in honour of Bealtaine, the old Celtic festival. Lucy too has been busy. She has been making 1000 piece jigsaws, baking cookies, drawing and painting and going for lots of walks. She even buried some treasure by the sea shore but is not sure it will be there when she goes back at the end of summer!! Her friend, Nikita, has been gardening and grew some red, juicy radishes. Well done, Nikita.

Daithí is delighted that he has finally learned to do an OLLIE!! I hope I get to see that some day. He also told me he got his hair cut. Guess who cut it. Odhrán!! That must have been fun. Eoin is really enjoying the outdoor life but he would really like to come back to school. It’s not the school work that he misses!! It’s his friends. I think Harry feels the same. He is enjoying playing with his dog, making pizzas, carving wood and painting with knives!! He has also dabbled in a little hair dressing of sorts, as you can see!!!

There has been some bad news too. Mateusz’s granny died recently in Poland but he and his family could not go to the funeral because of Covid-19. That is very sad for all of them. I can see from your letters that you all miss your grandparents a lot. Hopefully it will not be long before you can visit them again.

However most of the time everyone has been having so much fun and learning so many new skills. Look at all we have done!!! Can you identify who has been flying kites with his dad? Who had to master her new, big bike? Who built bee boxes with her dad and who built a locker with his brother? There is our young farmer again, busy supervising his dad!!  And chopping wood so he won’t be cold this winter! Can you spot who has been mowing the lawn? Did you know he was in hospital but thankfully he recovered quickly and got home after a couple of days.

That’s The News for today, folks!! Let’s hope there will be lots more good news next week. Keep the photos and the letters coming. You know how to email them to

Keep safe and have fun,

Corinne Lyons