Before Easter we were assigned projects based on Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately we cannot display them on the corridors for all to see. But we can show some of them to you on our class page. Well done everyone for all your hard work researching, drawing, writing and making a 3-D model. Anyone whose project I have left out or who still has theirs at home please take a photo and email to me at

James’ topic was homes of Ancient Egypt

Mira explored Ancient Egyptian art
Shauna made papyrus from tissues and papier mache.
Saska looked at the lives of women in Ancient Egypt.
Niamh investigated the Egyptians writing called hieroglyphics.
Kornelia examined the pyramids and how they were built and even staged a very realistic Valley of the Kings in her garden.
Edward researched the Nile and some of the creatures which live within her waters.
Daire wrote all about their gods and the roles they played in the lives of Ancient Egyptians.
Caolan examined what happened to the bodies when they died and how they were mummified. Pulling the brain out through the nose….Yuck!!!!!!!
Ra, the all important god was Amelia’s chosen topic.