Hi boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well at home and enjoying spending extra time with your family.

We won’t be at school for the next little while so you will continue your work in some of your books while you are at home. Mrs Boyle will be your teacher when the school opens again. I have told her that you are such a lovely class and she is very excited to see you all soon. For now, she has put work on the website that you can do with someone at home.

I know how good you all are at helping out and being kind. It is important to help Mammy and Daddy at home over the next few weeks. Show them how good you are at listening and remember to do your very best work.

When you get back to school you can tell each other all about the fun things you did while you were off – playing outside, building forts, baking, reading, dancing and drawing.

Thank you for working SO hard this year. I enjoyed every day of being your teacher. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces again very soon.

Take care,

Miss McCrea