Hello children,

My goodness!! It is hard to believe that it is summer holiday time already and it feels like you were all just walking into my classroom ready to start Rang 3. Little did we think six and a half months later we would all be hurrying out the door ready to start lock down and home schooling. I know it has not been easy and I deeply thank your parents for their commitment and co-operation in ensuring that you completed assignments and emailed back work. It was not an ideal situation but do you know what? We all survived!! We all coped!! And at times it was fun!! It just goes to prove how resilient you all are and in years to come you will be able to face many challenges because you had the strength of character to believe that you could manage….and you did.

All that is left for me to say is THANK YOU so much for being such wonderful, bright, creative, happy, kind and thoughtful children and I do feel a little hard done by that I only got to teach you for half a year. I am including a few activities for you to do….a little bit of fun. I will post up the answers on Wednesday so get those heads screwed back on for one more time. And if the weather was too wet for your Virtual Sports Day have a look at the video again and try some of the activities. Maybe send me in a few photos. I intend to upload some memories of our half year over the next few days so keep checking the class page for them. Also your new book list will be posted up during the holidays and a copy will be sent to Sprint also. So….stay safe…stay happy and see you all in September!!!

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